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Retailer's Guide to Hiring EmployeesA great introduction on HOW TO HIRE employees, this practical guidebook will help you to succeed in hiring better people for your retail business. Available on Amazon for only $4.99

Who should read this guidebook? Managers, supervisors, and retail business owners. This guidebook is written for the person who is new at hiring employees and for those managers who need a refresher on how to hire successfully.

What topics are covered? RETAILER’S GUIDE TO HIRING EMPLOYEES covers the complete hiring process, including:

  1. Assessing your staffing needs (Do you really need to hire someone? What kind of worker? How to classify an employee)
  2. Advertising your job openings and deciding who to interview
  3. Conducting good interviews (What Qs to ask and which ones to avoid)
  4. Completing new hire paperwork (I-9, W-4, New Hire Registry, and more)
  5. Avoiding missteps and illegal practices

This practical and concise guidebook will lead you, step-by-step, toward hiring great employees.

ADVISORY for international readers: This guidebooks is aimed at USA businesses. Many of the regulations, laws, and hiring procedures mentioned in this book will not apply to the hiring process in your home country. However, this guidebook may be of help when hiring employees within the USA for your international company.

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Available on Amazon for only $4.99

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